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B&Bartoni, spol. s r. o.
Doubravička 18
294 30 Dolní Cetno
Czech Republic

tel.:+420 326 335225
fax:+420 326 335942



The company B&Bartoni, spol. s r.o.®, Identification number: 26763915, was set up in 2003, following the previous activities of the physical person of Tomáą Bartoň - B&Bartoni , Identification number: 66995612. B&Bartoni, spol. s r.o.R makes design and produces consumables both for the hand and machine systems for welding (MIG/MAG) and cutting (OXY-FUEL, PLASMA, LASER) of the metals. Our products can be used in all branches of light and heavy industry, for example: automotive industry, power industry, transport and construction machinery, steel constructions, shipyards etc. From the very beginning, we recognized the important fact that we have to implement and support the quality of the produced items. We had to study the items produced by our competitors, to improve all the process and to produce even better items than the original ones.

The company B&BARTONI, spol. s r.o.® is producing the welding and cutting consumables of the highest quality, because we put emphasis on selection of our employees and we pay attention to the quality of production process.

The company B&Bartoni, spol. s r.o. ® acts both on domestic market and abroad, where we try to build up a stable position thanks to the high quality of our products, short delivery time, competitive prices and good service of our sales team. In the beginning of the year 2010, our company achieved to export to more than 50 countries.

Besides the high professionality, the whole team of B&Bartoni, spol. s r.o.® offers also an individual attitude and atmosphere of friendly collaboration. This way we reach a long-term cooperation, which respects and advances the interests of our clients.

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